Treatment Time from 45 Minutes
Treatment Programmes from £500*
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Facial Contouring

Using a 2 to 8 Point Lift approach, we develop individual treatment plans that are based on the anatomic detail of your face (MD Codes™).

This concept was developed by Dr Mauricio de Maio for the AMI Faculty. Dr Mauricio de Maio developed the MD Codes™ as a global language to simplify communication between client’s emotional needs and technical development of injectors. Dr Mauricio de Maio is a Brazilian plastic surgeon who is a Head of the Allergan Medical Institute Faculty.

The Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) Faculty is a global progressive learning forum for healthcare specialists in aesthetics & reconstructive medicine. Etre Beau is led by Jennie Hawkins who is also an AMI Faculty member who upskills other injectors in this concept throughout the UK & Eire.

Your personalised treatment plan identifies the key emotional attributes that your face says to you that may want or need to improve and then addresses the underlying facial architecture that contributes most to the attribute you are seeking to improve. For optimum results this is done in a planned sequence and will use a combination of the most appropriate treatments such as Dermal Filler (Juvederm®), Lip Fillers (Juvederm®), Anti Wrinkle (Botox®), Radio Frequency (Lipofirm), Microneedling (Dermapen) to give safe, effective, long lasting and life changing results.

The Benefits

Treatments by specialist Allergan Medical Faculty Nurse to plan the overall look you need, desire and is possible

Treatments to provide Non Surgical Face Lifts with holistic then detailed approach, with your desired look prescribed into your facial codes

Customisation of Anti Wrinkle (Botox®) and Lip Filler, Dermal Filler (Juvederm®), Radiofrequency (Lipofirm) treatments specific to you

MD Codes™ (Facial Coding system) gives method for anatomical detail that allows for a safer, superior, and more consistent treatment

Facial Contouring Botox Dermal Filler DM Codes

Your Questions Answered

How does facial contouring work?

Through study of facial architecture the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI) Faculty developed this sophisticated programme that provides a truly individualised holistic treatment plan.

With the identification of the structural facial units (e.g. lips, cheek, chin) and their corresponding sub units (MD Codes™) we can unlock the complexity of the face to contour / revitalise your desired features.

This methodology allows our consultations to go beyond the lines and folds, and to create treatment plans that treats overall desired features. A Facial Contouring programme thus provides a course to address needs such as wanting to look:

1. Less Tired;  2. Less Angry;  3. Less Saggy;  4. Less Sad;  5. Slimmer (facial shape);  6. More Feminine;  7. More Masculine;  8. Younger;  9. More Attractive.

Each course specifically addresses the appropriate sub units required to improve facial appearance in terms of looking Less Tired, Less angry etc.

Jennie Hawkins INP is an AMI Faculty Member and provider of the theoretical and practical training on the MD Codes Leader programme throughout the UK & Eire.

What is the facial contouring process?

1. Full consultation and evaluation of your face. A discussion of your key needs, priority desires and attributes to treat e.g. wanting to look less tired

2. Identify specific facial signs as a priorities, e.g. saggy cheeks, skin quality, eye-bags

3. Creation of a treatment plan to improve your desired key attributes. Consider products and treatments to gain best results

4. Prioritise & Organise to accommodate product, volume & budget