What is MicroPigmentation and how does it work?

MicroPigmentation is a treatment that implants pigment into the deepest skin layer (the dermis). The colouring provided by the pigments (natural inorganic mineral compounds) is applied through a specialist machine with ultra-thin needles.

The medical grade pigments are specifically created for the procedure and when applied by a skilled practitioner can provide a natural looking enhancement to existing features.

Eyebrows or eyelashes can be created with hair by hair micro pigment treatment; lips can be given definition with stroke by stroke MicroPigmentation. Skilful use of this technique can also provide tone and contour plus shape definition to your existing personal feature.

What are the risks with MicroPigmentation?

The risks are minimal, however:

  • There can be discomfort during the procedure, this is minimised with topical local anaesthetic
  • There is always risk potential risk of wound infection and scarring so take time to choose a practitioner you trust;
  • There is risk of uneven pigment colour;
  • On rare occasion pigment migrating can occur (i.e. pigment movement into surrounding skin)
  • Without taking time appropriate time to consider, there is risk in not achieving a good colour match


Well-groomed eyebrows will frame your eyes, the best shape for your eyebrows depends on the natural shape of your face. With experience in matching tone and shape carefully applied MicroPigmentation treatment to your eyebrows can provide a striking harmonised effect.

Once in place you won’t need to worry about over plucking your eyebrows, leaving them looking sparse, or losing them when you wipe the rain off them will no longer be possible. Taking time to consider the best fitting shape of eyebrow to the shape of your face will bring a lasting enhancement to your features to leave you feeling confident, and reduce the need to maintain.


The size and shape of lips can be enhanced through MicroPigmentation. These treatments can be used to correct uneven lips, scars or simply to add colour. Treatments on lips can be combined with Dermal Fillers to provide fuller more defined lips, a lasting look of plush and plumper lips.

The use of MicroPigmentation can save quite a bit of make-up time reducing the need for lip liner and lip stick colouring, and can last for several years. This treatment can be particularly useful for allergy suffers that have problems with reactions to make-up.


Eyeliner provides the opportunity to frame your eyelid and in turn highlight your eyelashes. The implantation of pigments into the lash line can creates a semi – permanent make up that appears as thousands of tiny thin eyelashes.

The use of colour opens up possibilities of a soft natural or a bolder look. These treatments are of practical benefit if you wear contacts lens, just have sensitive eyes or live a busy lifestyle.

micropigmentation stirling, micropigmentation falkirk
micropigmentation lips bridge of allan


Scalp MicroPigmentation (SMP) is another specialised process where tiny pigments are implanted within the dermal layer of the scalp skin. This treatment provides the appearance of hair stubble.

This non-surgical process is best performed over a number of sessions spread over a few months to allow a gradual process providing subtle authentic results.

The treatment is having growing popularity with men suffering from alopecia, the treatment has benefits for many forms of hair thinning.

Why is MicroPigmentation also called Semi – Permanent Make Up?

The MicroPigmentation implants simulates freshly applied eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, lipstick, lip liner. To wake up with your face on has practical benefits to a busy lifestyle, it doesn’t wash off if swimming or exercising and doesn’t smudge. MicroPigmentation treatments will put on a base level of semi-permanent make up.

For people with impaired motor skills or poor eyesight this allows a piece of mind knowing that the “make-up” has been applied already. It is kept in place, semi – permanently.

When considering treatments, you should take time to consider how bold a look you want as your fresh make up look will last considerably longer than an everyday make up.

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micropigmentation scalp stirling